About Dr. Bussey


Tiffany Rogers Bussey is the founding Director of the Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center, a global model for providing small business support in the areas of organizational management infrastructure development and process improvement.

185966_10150114930643409_8309418_nDr. Bussey has over twenty years experience in various aspects of business management for corporate, small business, educational and non profit organizations. As Director of the Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center, Dr. Bussey manages strategic teams of faculty, staff and consultants to achieve the goals of the Center, which is to assist in the development of minority entrepreneurship through scholarly research, training and consulting services. Dr. Bussey is also an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Morehouse College.


300px-Heriot-Watt_SignDr. Bussey earned her doctorate in business administration and masters of science degree in strategic management from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, U.K. She also received a masters in business administration from George Washington University in Washington D.C and a baccalaureate degree in economics from The College of Saint Elizabeth in New Jersey. Dr. Bussey is a Project Management Professional, Certified Quality Auditor, Certified Training Presenter, and a Certified Teacher of Entrepreneurship. Her research interest intersects the areas of leadership behavior and strategic change in small firms.